Spaceship 3D-Printable (Download)

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Here is the 3D-printable version of my intergalactic spaceship design, which I have modeled in 3d-Coat 19.05.2016. Test printed by MyMiniFactory.


A animation which shows how the ship can be assembled. Glue is needed!



3d-Printing details:

  • Needed time: 374-634 minutes
  • Amount of filament: 171.09g
  • Dimensions: 225.7 mm x 138.47 mm x 64.49 mm
  • 3d printing technology: FDM


Available formats

  • Blender (.blend) 42.9 MB
  • Stereolithography (.stl) (13 files)

Intergalactic Spaceship – Modelling and Retopology – Time Lapse



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