Here you can check out some of my 3D-Vehicles.

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Here you can check out or download some of my 3D-Vehicles for non-commercial or educational use. All models were created with Blender. Click on an image or the text below to get to the download.

futuristic-car-game-readyFuturistic Car Game-Ready

e-45-aircraftE-45 Aircraft

futuristic-transport-shuttleFuturistic Transport Shuttle

3d-models-aircraft-jet-futuristic-combat-jet-rigged-low-poly-animated-rigged-12Futuristic Combat Jet Rigged

futuristic-freighterFuturistic Freighter

 3d-model-vehicle-military-big-hovercraft-design-high-poly-3d-model-animated-5Big Hovercraft

Drone Design
Controllable Drone Design