Here you can download my 3d-Effects/Animations.

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Here you can check out or download some of my 3d-effects and animations for non-commercial or educational use. All models were created with Blender. Click on an image or the text below to get to the download.

Video countdown 5 4 3 2 1

Bullet Physics Animation 9 Reconstruction

bullet-physics-demolition-animationBullet Physics Demolition Animation 1

bullet-physics-demolition-animation-5Bullet Physics Demolition Animation 5

Bullet Physics Demolition Animation 4

bullet-physics-demolition-animation-2Bullet Physics Demolition Animation 2

bullet-physics-animation-7-reconstructionBullet Physics Animation 7 Reconstruction

bullet-physics-animation-6-earthquakeBullet Physics Animation 6 Earthquake

bullet-physics-animation-8-reconstructionBullet Physics Animation 8 Reconstruction

bullet-physics-demolition-animation-3Bullet Physics Demolition Animation 3

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